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Zach Blenkinsopp

I would give them a 10 star review if I could. I am an out of state roofing contractor located in North Alabama. I have rental properties in Colorado and unfortunately cannot service them myself due to me not having the proper license in the state to do contract work. Chase and Sean served with me in the Navy and two very good friends of mine.

To be honest, it made me skeptical to hire them because of our personal relationship and business tends to either strengthen or destroy such friendships, but most often, the former. I can’t say enough how well they communicated with me, kept me in the loop, and was professional the whole time. I don’t know if they were just putting on a show for me, but if this is how the treat the rest of their customers, I wouldn’t think of any other company to call.

Thanks for everything guys and it was an honor to leave you this review.

Zach B. SKYYGUARD Roofing May 2, 2019