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Looking for a solution to roofing problems at your Denver-area property?

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Whether Colorado’s unpredictable weather has damaged your home, or it’s simply time to upgrade a leaky roof… whether you’re a business owner concerned about the safety and security of your staff and physical assets, or a homeowner worried about your family (and your insurance) – we’ll help you.

We’re SKYYGUARD, and we bring more to your roofing project than just about any other company you could call.

A lot more.

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Roofing Contractors: Denver Has Hundreds To Choose From…

As a Class “A” General Contractor currently specializing in roofing, we’re unique among the hundreds of roofing companies selling materials and services in the Denver area.

  • We know how your roofing project needs to fit together with all the projects and repairs your home or business might need, from siding or stucco to windows and gutters.

      • Most roofing companies don’t know what SKYYGUARD
      • technicians know about the big picture of your home or business property… as a consequence, many of our customers have reported problems of coordination between the roofers they’ve hired and other contractors (and their work).
  • We have the chops to bid on the biggest commercial projects you can think of, from skyscrapers to stadiums… but we don’t think your project is too small to receive the very-best attention and highest quality service – attention to detail you can only get from a Class A Contractor.

      • Many roofers have all the business they can handle after a Colorado storm – and they’ll only take the big (expensive) full-replacement jobs.
      • At SKYYGUARD, we believe your true needs are what’s important… and though we can do any job, big or small, our main goal is to give you the help and service you truly need.
  • And we have the experience to handle whatever “interesting” roofing (or insurance) situation you might encounter.

      • The truth is, most roofing contractors want to sell you on the materials and work plan with which they are most comfortable… a new “learning curve” cuts into their profits! But whatever the situation with your roof, from repair to full replacement, there’s nothing the experienced pros at SKYYGUARD
      • haven’t seen… and solved.
      • And no one knows better than the seasoned experts at SKYYGUARD
      • how to coordinate with your insurer to cover your roofing needs.

You might need to have your entire roof replaced… or you might be able to handle the situation with a straightforward repair. While most roofers will say just about anything to sell you a full replacement (and, as a result, sell you more materials), the SKYYGUARD approach is different.

It’s about you, and what you truly need.

Get a thorough professional inspection from the pros at SKYYGUARD, and you’ll know for sure what you need.

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… But It’s Our Customer-First Attitude That Sets SKYYGUARD Apart

The number-one complaint we hear from homeowners and entrepreneurs about the projects they’ve hired other roofers to do?

Lack of Communication.

Sadly, it’s not atypical for a customer to sign with one of the “storm-chasing” roofers, and pay a hefty deposit… only to find they have a hard time getting that company on the phone afterward. Materials show up on the front lawn or driveway – unannounced – and sit sometimes for days (or even weeks) before a crew shows up.

Sometimes a crew leaves in the middle of a project to chase the next storm (the next sale!).

At SKYYGUARD, we’re in the business of relationships, not transactions. So we never do business that way.
As military veterans, the leaders of SKYYGUARD developed a deep sense of caretaking and attention to detail that many business leaders don’t seem to have learned.
In serving our country, we took care of our buddies – we paid attention to the smallest detail upon which our lives (and the lives of our friends) depended – and we brought that same passionate dedication to the founding of SKYYGUARD.

So when we heard that “lack of communication” was the biggest complaint Denver and Colorado customers had with their roofers, we vowed never to be out-of-touch with our own clients.

We developed a set of proprietary online tools to provide the highest level of transparency and communication available in the Denver roofing market.

When will your materials arrive? You can see for yourself when you sign on to your SKYYGUARD account.

Need to know what the timeline looks like for the next week? Check it out online.

Or, be assured that when you pick up the phone to call SKYYGUARD, you’ll be able to get answers to your questions, right away.

This is the most amazing roofing company you will ever find. Most companies are just out for their pockets, but SKYYGUARD looks out for your best interests. They take the fear out of dealing with your insurance company and will fight for YOU. They explain the entire process of your project, and all of the confusing documents from your insurance company. Our roof looks wonderful, and [SKYYGUARD] always checked in to verify all was going smoothly. The crew cleaned up all debris and just left us with our beautiful new roof…extremely professional but also treat you as family. We will only use SKYYGUARD and highly recommend everyone to use them, as they are the BEST in the business!

Natascha R. (via Yelp)

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