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Roof Style

Did you know there are more than a dozen different styles of roof?

Some are more common than others… some are more appropriate for commercial buildings, and others for homes… but while many people picture a simple sloped (gable) roof when they think of roofing, the style combinations are actually nearly endless.

As Class A General Contractors currently specializing in roofing projects in the Denver area, the pros at SKYYGUARD are thoroughly familiar with every kind of roof you can imagine… and every kind you can’t!

Whatever’s on top of your home or business, SKYYGUARD is on top of it!

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Beyond The Standard Gable…

Here are just a few of the roof styles we’ve seen – and, in many cases, fixed or installed – in Denver and the neighboring Colorado communities:

  • Gable Roofs.  This is the “standard” roof style most people think of – the “inverted V-shape” with slopes on two sides of the building (front and back, or side and side).  And there are variations on the gable theme, too: box gables, open gables, Dutch gables, gables with dormer windows, etc.  All offer different options in terms of their look and practicality.

      • These roofs are common because, in most cases, they’re very effective.  Of course, wind can wreak havoc on them if the “pitch” (the degree or angle of the slope) is too high… they don’t drain precipitation as well if the pitch is too low… so getting a gable roof just right for the specific environment of the building is key.  That’s why it’s great to have a roofing company with expertise far beyond that of the many “storm chasing” roofers out there, who are mostly interested in selling you a full roof’s worth of materials.  As Class A General Contractors, the pros at SKYYGUARD bring that extra expertise that helps ensure your roof is installed or repaired right.
  • Hip Roofs.  Like a gable roof, a hip roof is pitched to allow for drainage of rain and snow… but a hip roof has slopes on all four sides of the building, and these slopes meet at the top to form a ridge.  Hip roofs tend to have the same advantages (and disadvantages) of gable roofs – and need the same careful attention to detail to ensure the pitch is just right to balance proper drainage and wind resistance.

      • There are variations on the hip-roof theme, too, including hip-and-valley roofs, roofs with intersecting or overlapping hips, cross-hips, even pyramid-type hips.  Many Denver-area homes sport these unique roof style designs.  As a result, some roofing companies come across styles they haven’t seen before, and have to “learn on the job” (your job!)… so the extra expertise and know-how offered by a true general contractor can come in quite handy if you need repair of a stylish, interesting hip roof.
  • Flat Roofs and Butterfly Styles.  You see flat roofs more commonly on commercial properties.  Drainage is a challenge for a flat roof, but a well-designed flat roof can provide additional outdoor living space and can be managed so that drainage is adequate.  And then there’s the “butterfly,” which is a sort of “reverse gable” – the slopes run from the outside in to the center.  You see these on mid-century modern homes and businesses, and they present design styles (and challenges) similar in some cases to a flat roof.

      • Some Denver-area roofers don’t prefer to work with flat roofs… often, they aren’t able to sell as much material as they would for a gable or hip roof project.  And frankly, they don’t really have the expertise a general contractor (who’s “seen it all”) could bring to a flat roof or butterfly-style project.
  • Combination Roofs (and other less-common styles).  Around Denver and the surrounding Colorado communities, you’ll see many homes with unique “combination” designs that pull together two or more roof styles covering a multi-dimensional floor plan.

      • Gazebo-type styles… gambrels (think “barn”) and French-style mansard roofs… and other lesser-used styles with colorful names like “jerkinhead” and “saltbox” roofs… these can all be brought together in endless combination possibilities, with a single property sometimes sporting several different styles.  If your home has an interesting (usually very appealing) combination roof, you’ll need a roofing company with expertise in more than just the standard gable roof.

… Even Beyond The Roof Itself

Not only do the variety of roof styles (and combinations) require expertise beyond what a “roofing seller” type of company can bring… when your home or business has been damaged by Colorado’s weather, it’s likely you’ll need more than just the roof project to make the property whole again.

Gutters and downspouts… windows and doors… siding, stucco, and masonry… your roof repair or replacement will need to “mesh” well with other projects you may need after a fierce Colorado storm.

That’s why SKYYGUARD is the name your neighbors trust.  We’re specialists in roofs of all styles and types, but we’re more than that.  Our experts are part of a Class A General Contracting firm… we know exactly how to repair or install your roof so that other projects are supported – not made more challenging!

And maybe that’s why we’re pleased to have earned many enthusiastic five-star online reviews from our delighted customers, and why some say they’d never trust their roof to anyone else.

So check us out, and then give SKYYGUARD a call.  We’ll schedule a professional inspection and assessment of your options, and get your home or commercial property taken care of.

We’ll treat you like family… we’ll do the work on your roof that we’d do on our own… we’ll help you navigate the choppy seas of insurance claims… and we’ll work hard to earn our next great review from you.



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