Modified Bitumen Roofing

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Modified Bitumen Roof Denver

Modified Bitumen is a common type of roofing system you’ll see on homes and businesses throughout Denver and the surrounding area.

It does a good job of providing weather resistance and durability and can offer a nice look.  Modified Bitumen is fairly easy to install and repair… and the newest products are quite durable.

Standard roofing roll-type material is modified through state-of-the-art manufacturing processes which reinforce the material with fiberglass or polyester-fiber matting… this increases the strength and long-lasting toughness of the roof system.

There are two common types of Modified Bitumen roofing.  The most common is comprised of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (or SBS) material, which offers enhanced flexibility and ability to expand and contract with changes in climate.  Another strong choice is Atactic Polypropylene (APP) roofing, which offers a durable, longer life for the roof system.

Modified Bitumen roofing typically arrives at your property in large rolls, which are installed by adhering them to the substrate with hot (asphalt) or cold adhesives.  The typical SBS Modified Bitumen system is installed in overlapping two-ply rolls.

To learn more about whether Modified Bitumen is the right choice for your Colorado home or business, call the name your neighbors trust: SKYYGUARD.  Our experts will be happy to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation professional inspection of your property and detail the options that fit your building – and your budget.

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Why Trust SKYYGUARD With Your Modified Bitumen Roof?

It’s easy enough to say you should trust SKYYGUARD because your neighbors do.  We’re proud of the many enthusiastic five-star online reviews we’ve earned from them, and we’d be honored by the opportunity to earn our next great review from you.

Why do your neighbors love SKYYGUARD?

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This means we’re experts in all styles and types of roofing.  We install, replace, and repair a lot of Modified Bitumen roofing systems, and there’s virtually no challenge we haven’t seen – and solved.

We’re qualified to take on the biggest construction projects you can think of – from skyscrapers to stadiums, and from start to finish – but we don’t think your roofing project is too small to deserve the very best service.

And since we understand all phases of construction, you’ll find your SKYYGUARD roofing project dove-tails easily with other work you’re having done on the property, from gutters and downspouts to siding and windows.

We also work hard to stay a cut above the average roofing company in terms of service and professionalism.  With SKYYGUARD, and our unique online tools, you’ll never have to wonder what’s next with your roofing project.  We stay in touch with you, every step of the way.

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So whether you need to restore your property’s security and beauty following one of our harsh Colorado storms… or you’d like to consider changing to a Modified Bitumen roofing system for your business or residence… or you just need a simple upgrade or update, give SKYYGUARD a call.

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