Rubber/EPDM Roofing

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Rubber EPDM Roofing

“Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer” – abbreviated in the roofing industry as “EPDM” – is the most common type of rubber-membrane roofing… and it’s an excellent roofing choice for many applications:

  • Commercial or industrial buildings with flat or low-slope roofs.

  • “Mid-century modern” homes, designed to feature the same type of low-slope roof… or any home or building that features a slow-draining roof design.

  • Heavily-shaded buildings, where the impact of Colorado’s harsh UV sunlight is reduced or minimized.

  • New construction – rubber/EPDM roofing has been popular for low-slope commercial buildings for four decades, but is increasing in popularity among developers and architects for a wider range of building designs today.

EPDM rubber roofing has a number of advantages, including the variety of widths available… up to fifty feet.  It also comes in different thicknesses (45, 60, 90, and 120 mils), and can be installed using a number of different methods, from full adherence, to mechanical attachment, to ballasting.

Seams are sealed with professional-grade liquid adhesives or specially-designed heavy-duty tape.

This highly-popular roof type is not without its challenges.  Over time, the material can shrink, and the seams dry out, in Colorado’s harsh sunlight.

The roofing professionals at SKYYGUARD work with rubber/EPDM roofing on a lot of projects throughout Denver and the surrounding area… we’re the name your neighbors trust when it comes to handling the challenges of EPDM roofing (and roofs of all types).

To learn more about the pros and cons of EPDM roofing, and for expert advice in deciding whether a beautiful rubber/EPDM roof is right for your property (and your budget), give us a call.

Schedule a no-obligation professional inspection by the roofing experts at SKYYGUARD, and you’ll have confidence you’ve gathered all the information you need to decide whether EPDM roofing is right for you.

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SKYYGUARD is the name your neighbors trust – for rubber/EPDM, and all types of roofing.

Read the many enthusiastic five-star reviews we’re proud to have earned from our clients, and you’ll see why:

  • We treat our customers with professionalism.  The top complaint about roofers in Denver and the surrounding area is that they don’t communicate professionally with their customers.  A salesman calls, and sells the materials and labor… then nothing happens for days (or even weeks).  Then materials arrive, blocking the driveway… work stalls… and it’s often hard to get anyone on the phone to explain what’s going on!  These problems never plague our customers.  Not only do we pro-actively communicate with you at every phase of the project, we offer unique online tools (you can sign on to your project any time, day or night) which help you stay fully informed at every step of your project.

  • We’re here to stay.  Another common complaint is that roofing companies “disappear” in the middle of projects – sometimes to chase the next big hail storm!  At SKYYGUARD, we’re dedicated to helping our clients solve their roofing problems from start to finish.  We don’t chase storms.  In fact, we’re sometimes called in to finish a project another roofer has dropped!

  • SKYYGUARD is a Class A General Contractor, which means we’re qualified to undertake the biggest construction projects you can imagine, from skyscrapers to shopping malls… but we’re currently specializing in residential and commercial roofing projects in Denver and the neighboring area, because we don’t think your roofing project deserves less than the very best work you can only get from a firm that understands all phases of the construction process.

  • Insurance?  We’ve got you “covered.”  The SKYYGUARD staff also includes former licensed insurance professionals… we’re the best in the roofing business at helping you get the most out of the property insurance you’ve paid for.

No matter what your property needs – whether it’s a new or upgraded roof to create an exciting new look for your property (and higher value), or recovery from one of our fierce Colorado storms, SKYYGUARD is here to help.

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