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Hail Damage Denver

Colorado’s fierce hail storms can wreak havoc on your roof.

Often, you can’t tell whether your roof has sustained damage after a hail storm – or how much damage the hail has caused – from the ground.

So when a roofing salesperson follows the storm into your neighborhood, and claims:

  • That you need a total roof replacement

  • That the cost doesn’t matter, because it has to be done

  • That the cost also doesn’t matter because your insurance will pay for it

  • That every roof in the neighborhood was “totaled” by the storm

… Don’t believe everything they say. These things might be true… but they might not be.

Call the roofing and insurance pros at SKYYGUARD.

We’re a Class A General Contractor specializing in residential and commercial roofing projects in the Denver area… which means our roofing expertise is unsurpassed.

The SKYYGUARD team also includes former licensed insurance professionals who’ve worked both sides of the insurance equation, uniquely positioning them to give you solid, trustworthy advice on getting the most out of the insurance you’ve paid for.
Most of all, SKYYGUARD is a values-driven firm that exists to help you, not up-sell you. We tell you the truth about your options. And we never abandon our customers to chase the next big storm. We’ll stay in touch with you at all times, and give you login credentials so you can sign on to your project any time.
These are some of the reasons SKYYGUARD is the name your neighbors trust for roofing… but don’t take our word for it. Read our many stellar five-star online reviews, and then give us a call to schedule your no-obligation professional inspection and consultation. We want to earn our next great review from you.

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Some Points About Hail Damaged Roofing…

The pros at SKYYGUARD look forward to meeting you, working with you, and answering all your questions… and we will greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and solve your roofing problems.

Here are some facts about hail’s devastating effects on your roof:

  • When your roof sustains hail damage, it’s likely to lead to structural deterioration, which can cause nightmarish leaks into your home (and further damage to the interior).

  • We’re the best in the business at communicating with our customers. There will never be an unanswered question or confusing situation for a SKYYGUARD customer… we’re committed to making sure of it.

    • We’ll return your calls. Better yet, with our proprietary online tools, you can monitor every step of your project from the comfort of your home computer! You’ll know the precise timing of every step of the project, from material delivery to completion.
  • Insurance companies require a professional assessment of the damage before they’re likely to pay for your roof repair or replacement. That’s why you need an inspection from the experts at SKYYGUARD

    • However, it’s in the interest of the average roofing company to declare your roof “totaled,” and in need of a complete replacement. So beware. But trust that SKYYGUARD is far from an “average” roofing company.
  • A metal roof can get pretty badly dinged-up during a hail storm… but unless the hail actually penetrated the metal, however ugly it is, many insurance policies won’t cover replacement (non-penetrating dings can be considered “cosmetic”).

  • The hardest-hit part of your roof will likely be the ridge cap, which can’t be seen from the ground, and where the hail impacts the roof directly.

  • Hail will damage shingles, even if just at the edges, in a way that requires replacement.

  • Granules knocked off your “asphalt” shingles by hail stones can significantly reduce the shingles’ effectiveness… those granules help block the harsh Colorado UV rays and slow the roof’s deterioration. Any cracks caused by the hail, of course, are also highly detrimental.

  • Hail often damages only one side of a roof… especially in Colorado, where high winds often accompany hail storms. So it’s possible you don’t really need a complete roof replacement.

  • You may not be able to see all the hail damage to your roof from the ground… but if you see gutters and downspouts that’ve been dented or misshapen in the wake of a hail storm, that’s a good indication that you need a thorough, professional roof inspection.

Still have questions? The roofing experts at SKYYGUARD have answers! We invite you to check us out online – see why

You have our word on that.



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