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Get the support you need when damage occurs to your roof. We offer trusted and experienced roof replacements, repairs and inspections for clients in Denver and surrounding communities.

Roof Insurance Claim

Roofing and Insurance Experts

Our team includes former insurance professionals. We understand the complex insurance process and use our insider knowledge to help you coordinate with your insurance company.

From our first conversation until project completion, we’re happy to walk you through the claim process. This sets us apart from other Colorado roofing companies.

Our goal is to take the stress out of insurance claims. We present the project accounting to meet the requirements of the insurance claim process, including providing an itemized estimate or invoice.

We help our customer take full advantage of the insurance you’ve paid for!

Types of Roof Damage Covered by Insurance

Each policy specifies the type of damage covered for residential and commercial properties. Homeowner’s insurance typically covers sudden or accidental damage.

Always confirm the specifics of your coverage. At SKKYGUARD, our team of roofing experts is happy to answer your questions and assist with the insurance claim process.

How Roof Insurance Coverage Works

The roof on your home or business receives the most direct exposure to the elements. Heavy snow, ice, wind and hail all impact the roof. Plus, as Colorado’s wildfire seasons become worse, property owners have one more risk to add to the list.



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SKYYGUARD Is Different…

We don’t treat you like other roofing companies might.  Because we’re not like other roofing companies.

  • We’re Class A General Contractors, specializing in roofing work throughout Denver and the surrounding communities.

      • …So while our customers report that some roofers cause problems for other tradespeople working on restoring their property (gutter/downspout firms, siding companies, window replacers, etc.), SKYYGUARD
      • technicians have the deep expertise in all facets of construction to make sure our work is highly coordinated with every project on the property.
  • We’re military veterans, who started our firm based on the solid values and work ethic we honed in the service. We learned to protect and take great care of our buddies… and that’s the standard toward which we constantly strive in our work with

      • … So while our competitors are likely to promise you anything to get you signed up, we will never lie or mislead our customers, and we will always keep you posted on every development as your project proceeds.
  • We’re tech savvy, and we’ve instituted proprietary online tools that give our customers complete transparency on their roofing projects.

      • … So even though we’ll always answer the phone, and return your calls, and happily answer your questions… you can always sign onto your SKYYGUARD
      • online account and see exactly what’s happening with your project today.
  • And we’re former insurance pros, fully-licensed, so we also have the insider knowledge to help you coordinate with your insurance company, giving you a combined package of assistance virtually no other roofer can provide.

      • … So from the time you start the conversation about your insurer’s coverage of your roofing project, and throughout the claims process, and all the way to the presentation of an itemized project accounting that makes it easy for your insurer to process your claim… we know how to help our customers take full advantage of the insurance they’ve paid for.

Honest people. Great work. I used them on 3 of my commercial properties and am very satisfied.

C.M. McGuire (via facebook)

… And You’ll Love The SKYYGUARD Difference!

There’s no denying it: All roofing projects involve your insurance company. And though insurance should be transparent – black-and-white – often, it isn’t.

As former insurance professionals, your SKYYGUARD team will help you sort through the grey areas that seem to exist in every insurance policy, and work always on your side to get the best possible outcome for your home or business.

When a catastrophe strikes – a hail storm, wind damage, fallen tree limbs, whatever – what should you do first?

Call the trusted roofing pros at SKYYGUARD.
If you call your insurance agent first, they’ll likely tell you to call a contractor and get an estimate. So call SKYYGUARD first, and we’ll help guide you through the insurance claims process as your advocates from the very beginning.

We’ll help you file your claim in the format easiest for your insurance firm to approve… in some cases, we file it along with you, and in other cases, we can even do it for you. Our goal is to make the entire process as easy and convenient for you as possible.

You’ve probably heard some of the same horror stories from your neighbors that our customers have told us about their experiences with roofing companies and homeowners’ insurance… how the process can be so tiresome and time-consuming it can seem to take over your life!

It shouldn’t.

The process of taking full advantage of the insurance you’ve paid for… and getting your roof repaired as a result… shouldn’t consume any more of your time than absolutely necessary. And at SKYYGUARD, we’re committed to making sure it doesn’t.

SKYYGUARD: Committed To The Denver-Area Community

Even when there’s a “gap” between what your insurance will cover and what your roofing work will cost, we try to find innovative ways to help you close that gap.

First, we look at all your options. For instance, most roofers will insist you need a complete roof replacement. Maybe you do… but maybe a simple repair or seal-job will adequately take care of your property for a much lower cost.

And while other roofers don’t want those jobs (why should they, when the next “full replacement” might be right next door?), we are more interested in relationships than transactions. SKYYGUARD is the name your neighbors trust, and we want to earn that trust from you, too.

Next, our deep understanding of the insurance industry may give us insight into ways to decrease the gap by increasing what your insurer can approve and pay.

Finally, for our customers in need, we’re working on a program to share back our profits to help them close the gap and get the protection and security from their roofing project that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

So check out the many enthusiastic five-star customer reviews for SKYYGUARD on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and elsewhere online. Then give us a call, and we’ll start your property on the road to recovery right away.

We want to be your trusted roofing professionals.



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