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Metal Roofing Denver

Look around, and you’ll notice many metal roofing systems on homes and businesses throughout Colorado, including Denver and the surrounding area.

Once used almost exclusively for commercial buildings (think warehouses), metal roofs have become extremely popular for all kinds of applications.

Metal roofing offers great energy efficiency and strong aesthetic “curb appeal” for any home or business.

Here in the Rocky Mountain West, heavy snow accumulating on your roof can cause major problems … from excess weight for the roof to bear, to “ice dams” that form and damage (or even crash) your gutters and downspouts.

Metal roofs are great for shedding snow… especially with the installation of snow-stops and snow-guards that are increasingly part of almost every metal roofing project.

And these days, with the proliferation of great metal roofing materials, you can get an energy-efficient, tough metal roof that replicates almost any roofing style… metal products that look like everything from tiles to shake-shingles… and, of course, the vertical panels (think “stripes”) that you see on so many mountain homes and commercial buildings.

The downside? Many metal roofing products can be dinged and dented by Colorado’s fierce hailstorms… and insurers are increasingly denying claims for repair or replacement of metal roofs that have suffered only the “cosmetic” damage of dents (and haven’t been penetrated).

Those damaged metal roofs, while ugly, are still functional… therefore, the insurance company often doesn’t feel they should pay for the repair!

For the best expert help in weighing the benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing for your home or commercial property, call the pros at SKYYGUARD. We do a lot of work with metal roofs, and our thorough, no-obligation inspection and report will help you determine the roofing choice that’s right for your building and your budget.

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You Can Trust SKYYGUARD With Your Property’s Metal Roof…

… because SKYYGUARD is the name your neighbors trust for all their roofing needs! Don’t take our word for it… let your neighbors tell you in their own words. Check out our many enthusiastic, five-star online reviews.

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Here are a few reasons

SKYYGUARD is the name your neighbors trust for roofing:

  • We’re experts in insurance. SKYYGUARD staffs former licensed insurance professionals, who are the best in the roofing business at helping you get the most from the insurance you’ve paid for.

  • We’re experts in all phases of construction. We’re specializing in residential and commercial roofing projects throughout Denver and the surrounding area… but we’re Class A General Contractors, which means we’re qualified to take on the biggest and most complex construction projects, from stadiums to shopping malls. But we don’t think your roof deserves any less than the very best work… and because we understand all phases of construction, you can rest assured your SKYYGUARD roofing project will mesh well (and not interfere) with other work you’re having done, from gutters to siding.

  • We’re experts in professionalism! You wouldn’t think this would be a rare qualification among the more-than-600 vendors selling roofing products and services in the Denver area. But the number-one complaint we hear about other roofers is that they leave customers in the dark about their roofing projects. This never happens to SKYYGUARD roofing customers… we stay in touch with you every step of the way… and with our special online tools (you’ll have 24/7 online access to the progress of your project), you’ll always be informed about what’s next with your roofing repair or installation.

  • And we’re experts in Denver! We’re not going anywhere. We specialize in earning the trust of roofing customers in Denver and the surrounding area… we won’t leave your project in mid-stream to chase another storm… and we’ll work hard to make SKYYGUARD the name you will trust for all your roofing needs.

So whether your home or business needs restoration following one of our damaging Colorado storms… or you’d like to consider changing to a metal roofing system… or you just want to upgrade or update your property’s security and beauty, give SKYYGUARD a call.

It will be our honor to give you the very best service for your roofing needs.



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