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SKYYGUARD: The Name Your Neighbors Trust Class “A” Expertise, Five-Star Service For Your Property

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When a commercial building sustains roof damage, it’s possible in some cases to get by with an expert repair or re-seal project.

But you’ll rarely hear that from any one of the army of roofing salespeople who’ll come calling after a storm blows through your area.

There are more than 600 roofing companies in the Denver area… and, based on what we hear from our customers, most of them just want to sell you the biggest possible roofing project. More materials. More labor. More commission for the salesperson.

So they’ll declare your building’s roof “totaled” after a cursory inspection, and assure you that “your insurance will cover a full replacement after a storm like this.”

But as a commercial property manager or business owner, you know things are never as simple as that.

It could be that your building does need a full roof replacement. Sometimes the storm damage is too severe to allow for a repair project… or, a lighter storm could “total” an older roof… or, if it’s been a few years, it may just be time to upgrade your building’s look (and the protection of what’s inside).

Call the Class A General Contractors at SKYYGUARD, and you’ll know for sure.

We’ll send a commercial roofing specialist to do a thorough, expert inspection of your property at no obligation.

We’ll detail your options, and help you determine exactly what your commercial property policy will cover. If you can get by with a great repair, we’ll be honest with you about it… and we’ll do an expert repair.

And if your building does need a complete roof replacement, we’ll be straightforward with you about that, too. And we’ll work hard to earn your trust. At SKYYGUARD, we’re in it for the relationship, not the transaction… and that’s probably why we’ve received so many glowing five-star online reviews.
So check us out… see why SKYYGUARD is the name your neighbors trust for full roof replacement… and then give us a call. We can’t wait to earn our next great review from your company.

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Why Call SKYYGUARD For Your Commercial Roof Replacement?

There are several reasons Denver-area businesses trust only SKYYGUARD for their commercial roofing needs. Here are just a few….
  1. SKYYGUARD understands business. We know it’s going to take time to get all your company’s decision makers on board in addressing the damage to your building’s roof – from the purchasing agent to the CFO. And no roofing company does more to help you make the best case to all your firm’s key people than SKYYGUARD.

  2. SKYYGUARD does business ethically. We learned strong values during our military service, and we go above-and-beyond to earn your trust (not just your money). Our high ethical standards demand we do business in a professional way, and do things other roofers don’t: like tell you honestly when you don’t need a full roof replacement, but only an expert repair! You can trust SKYYGUARD to hold ourselves to the same high standards to which your customers hold you.

  3. SKYYGUARD stays in touch. Perhaps the biggest complaint we hear about other roofers is that they simply don’t communicate with their customers like professionals. You can’t get them to answer the phone, let alone your questions. You’re left in the dark! That doesn’t happen to SKYYGUARD’S commercial roofing customers. We stay in touch, every step of the way. And with our proprietary online tools, you can sign on to your project any time, on any device, and see exactly what’s going on with your commercial roof replacement.

  4. SKYYGUARD knows more than just roofing. Though we’re specializing in roofing projects, we’re Class A General Contractors, which means we have the construction chops to take on any job, large or small, from skyscrapers to shopping centers. But we don’t think your building’s roofing project is too small to deserve the very best service available anywhere. And we know how to coordinate your building’s roof replacement with other projects on the property, from gutters and downspouts to siding and stucco, and everything in between.

  5. SKYYGUARD excels at coordinating with your insurer. We’re former licensed insurance pros ourselves… so we can help you work through the sometimes-crazy world of insurance claims. Ask the roofing salespeople who come calling after a storm – you won’t find many (if any) who have the experience and expertise SKYYGUARD brings to your commercial project. We’re the name your neighbors trust, because we offer a rare combination of deep insurance experience, wide-ranging construction expertise, and professional business ethics.

We’ll be honored by the opportunity to serve your business, and you have our word: We’ll work hard to earn your trust, and your five-star online review of our work.



The Name Your Neighbors Trust For Class “A,” Five-Star Roofing Service

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