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SKYYGUARD: The Name Your Neighbors Trust Class “A” Expertise, Five-Star Service For Your Home’s Roof

Sometimes, a home’s damaged roof can be repaired, without undertaking a full roof replacement.

(Not that you’ll hear that from most “storm-chasing” roofing companies… they typically want to sell you the biggest possible project, so they’ll almost always say you need a completely new roof.)

But there are many reasons your home might really need to have the entire roof replaced.  Here’s a partial list:

  • Sometimes the damage from one of our fierce Colorado storms is just too extensive to be able to get by with a repair job, no matter how professionally done.

  • If it’s been a few years, it could be that only a full roof replacement will adequately provide for your family’s security and protection from the elements.

  • If you’re planning to sell the home, nothing attracts top-dollar buyers more than recent home improvements… and the top of the house is often on the top of the list of things buyers want to see you’ve taken care of!

When it comes to full roof replacement, the name your neighbors trust is SKYYGUARD.  Our professionalism, construction expertise, and experience with everything from scheduling to insurance all serve to set us apart from other Denver-area roofing companies.

Take it from our many delighted customers!  Read the enthusiastic five-star online reviews we’re proud to have earned… then give us a call to schedule your thorough, no-obligation professional roof inspection.

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There are several reasons SKYYGUARD customers would trust their roof to no other company in Denver and the surrounding area.  Here are just a few….

  1. SKYYGUARD’S business ethics.  We learned strong values during our military service, and we’re far more interested in earning your trust than in selling you the largest possible transaction.  That’s why we do business in a professional way, and do things other roofers often don’t: like tell you honestly when you don’t need a full roof replacement, but only a solid repair!
  2. SKYYGUARD’S communication.  Perhaps the biggest complaint we hear about other roofers is that they simply don’t communicate with their customers in a professional manner.  You can’t get them on the phone… you can’t get answers to your questions… and you don’t know what to expect next during the course of your roof replacement.  With SKYYGUARD, you’ll always know you’re working with a company that stays in touch with you… and with our proprietary online tools, you can sign on to your project any time, on any device, and see exactly what’s going on with your roof replacement.
  3. SKYYGUARD’S scope of expertise.  We’re Class A General Contractors, which means we have the construction chops to take on any job, large or small, from skyscrapers to shopping centers… but we don’t think your home’s roofing project is too small to deserve the very best service available anywhere.  And we know how to “mesh” your roofing project with other projects on the property, from gutters and downspouts to siding and stucco, and everything in between.
  4. SKYYGUARD’S ability to coordinate with your insurer.  We’re former licensed insurance pros ourselves… so we can help you navigate the often-choppy seas of insurance claims.  No matter which of the more than 600 other Denver-area roofing companies you ask, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another roofer who combines the insurance experience, construction expertise, and professionalism you’ll get from your trusted pros at SKYYGUARD.

We’ll look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family with the very best roofing replacement for your home.  You have our word: We’ll work hard to earn your trust, and your enthusiastic review of our work.



The Name Your Neighbors Trust For Class “A,” Five-Star Roofing Service

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