Fall is a great time to schedule a roof inspection to ensure your Colorado roof is in top shape before winter. A roof inspection identifies any problems on your roof that requires repairs. These may include damage, worn shingles, clogged gutters and more. The key is catch and fix issues before they become a major problem.

When to Schedule a Roof Inspection

At SKYYGUARD, we offer professional roof inspections. At the end of each inspection, we provide a detailed report to help you understand any issues we find and our recommendations to remedy the problem.

We recommend roof inspections every one to two years to ensure your roof stays in top shape. With the unpredictable Colorado weather, like hail and heavy snow, it’s critical to evaluate the roof regularly.

Before you purchase a home, schedule a professional roof inspection. A typical home inspector will not conduct a thorough roof inspection. This means you won’t have a true understanding of the shape of the roof unless you invest in an inspection from a roofing company like SKYYGUARD.

After a major hail storm, it’s a good idea to schedule a roof inspection. We identify hail damage and let you know if it’s time to contact your insurance company to file a claim. We’re also able to distinguish between normal wear and tear and weather damage. This is important because your insurance company won’t cover wear and tear; however, your policy should cover hail damage.

Benefits of Roof Inspections

Identify Hail Damage – Finding damage from hail is a major benefit for roof inspections in Colorado. Especially if you are purchasing a home, you want to know if the homeowner addressed previous hail damage. Oftentimes your insurance company will inspect your new home. If they find existing hail damage, your new policy may not cover repairs. Instead, have the existing homeowners fix the roof as part of your contract before you buy.

Improve Energy Efficiency – Did you know that your home wastes around 30% of total energy use through lost heat from inefficiencies? When you find ways to improve energy efficiency, you save money on utility costs. Unrepaired damage and poor insulation lead to wasted energy. Also, new energy efficient options like cool roof coating and energy efficient roofing materials provide added energy savings. A roof inspection offers a detailed look at where your roof may lose energy.

Avoid Damage to Your Home – It’s easy for roof damage to go unnoticed until your home suffers from a ceiling leak. Once you can see the leak inside your home, the damage is extensive and costly to repair. Also, it may lead to dangerous conditions like mold growth. When you invest in a roof inspection, you locate problems before they become major damage. When you address problems earlier, they are usually easier and more affordable to repair.

Schedule a Roof Inspection for Your Colorado Home

Don’t wait until the roof is failing in. Instead, schedule a roof inspection to identify roof issues before they become major problems. In many cases, if we catch the issue early, we can repair without replacing the entire roof.

Contact SKYYGUARD today to schedule a roof inspection. We offer professional and experienced service you can trust!