Traditionally, commercial buildings have flat roofing systems, while residential properties have peaked roofs. While this doesn’t always hold, we find that most businesses benefit from flat roofs while homeowners prefer sloped roofs.

At SKYYGUARD, we offer roofing services for both commercial and residential properties. We work with our customers to determine the best roofing materials to meet functional and aesthetic goals.

Should You Choose a Light or Dark Roof Color?

When choosing a roof color, the first thing to consider is whether you want a dark or light-colored roof. Dark roofs tend to give off a more dramatic appearance, while lighter colors blend into the background better.

Next, you should consider the style of your home. If you live in an area with frequent snowfall, you might want to choose a darker color. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate, you might want a lighter color. In Colorado, we have both snow and sun. You may need to consider the specifics of your property.

The amount of sunlight that your home receives may help you decide. If you live in a sunny location, then you might want something that reflects more light. However, if you live in a shaded area that gets less sun, you might want an option that absorbs more light.

Why Are Flat Roofs Common on Commercial Buildings?

Flat roofs are standard in commercial buildings because they are easier to build and maintain. They also provide better protection against water damage. The main reason a business owner would choose a flat roof over other types is its ease of construction and affordability. The flat roof construction process doesn’t need to worry about slopes or complicated designs.

Benefits of Flat Roofs

  • Ease of Maintenance – Flat roofs require less maintenance than traditional pitched roofs. Flat roofs are generally easier to access, making it possible to perform inspections, fix problems, and even replace parts simply.
  • Lower Cost-Of-Ownership – Flat roofs cost significantly less to own than their pitched counterparts. For most flat roof systems, like TPO, installation and repairs cost less than a sloped roof. You save money on installation and maintenance.
  • Equipment Storage – Flat roofs don’t have angles that make it difficult to hold objects. Instead, they give you plenty of room to store equipment, like HVAC units. Flat roofs allow you to maximize storage capacity within your facility.

Why Do Most Homes Have Sloped Roofs?

Residential homes use sloped roofs because they are more aesthetically pleasing. They also allow rainwater to drain off quickly. For the most part, residential roofs fit into the overall architectural design of the home. They also offer more design appeal and flexibility. While often more expensive than flat roofs per square foot, they add value to the house.

Benefits of Sloped Residential Roofs

  • Easy Drainage – Rainwater and snowmelt drain away very efficiently from a sloped roof, preventing costly water damage. Water doesn’t pool as quickly on sloped roofs. Flat roofs require proper drainage to avoid pooling and water damage.

  • Increased Home Value – Many people believe that houses with sloping roofs look better than other types of roofs. When shopping for a home, buyers usually desire a sloped roof; therefore, homes with sloped roofs offer increased home values.

  • Greater Design Appeal – Slope designs work great with many different styles of architecture. Sloped roofs come in many different design styles, including gable, Dutch, gambrel, hip, and more.

  • Improved Airflow – A sloped roof provides better airflow when compared to a flat roof. The roof has fewer places for warm or cold air to accumulate.

Denver’s Choice for Roof Installation

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