The right color for your roof matters to enhance your home’s aesthetics and performance. It’s essential to consider the long-term impacts of the roof’s color. A new roof is a significant financial investment. Plus, roofs last for decades.

Enhance your curb appeal by selecting a roof color that blends well with your overall exterior appearance. Then, consider how the roof’s color impacts energy usage and longevity.

Should You Choose a Light or Dark Roof Color?

When choosing a roof color, the first thing to consider is whether you want a dark or light-colored roof. Dark roofs tend to give off a more dramatic appearance, while lighter colors blend into the background better.

Next, you should consider the style of your home. If you live in an area with frequent snowfall, you might want to choose a darker color. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate, you might want a lighter color. In Colorado, we have both snow and sun. You may need to consider the specifics of your property.

The amount of sunlight that your home receives may help you decide. If you live in a sunny location, then you might want something that reflects more light. However, if you live in a shaded area that gets less sun, you might want an option that absorbs more light.

How to Choose the Perfect Roof Shingle Color

When selecting a roof color, consider the parameters for your options.

  • Neighborhood Architectural Standards – If your neighborhood has an HOA, review the neighborhood guidelines for roof colors. Then, choose from the approved colors. The choice may be much easier.
  • House Design and Style – Consider how your house will look with different roof colors. You can use paint samples on paper or online tools to help visualize what each color would look like against your existing architecture.
  • Roof Material Options – There are many types of materials available when choosing a roof color. For example, metal roofs have become increasingly popular because they’re durable and offer excellent protection from weather elements. The material you select will impact your color options.
  • Budget – Determine how different colored materials impact costs. Ask us about the cost parameters for the colors you like. We can help point you to roofing materials and colors that align with your budget.

How to Match Your Shingles With Your Exterior Paint Colors

  • Use A Color Wheel – One way to match your shingles with your exterior paint colors is to use a color wheel. A color wheel is a tool used to determine which colors go well together. Select your exterior paint color and then add complimentary colors.
  • Ask for Shingle Samples – At SKYYGUARD, we are happy to provide samples to help you make a color decision for your roof. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s typically easier to use samples to make the final choice. Compare each sample by placing it near your exterior to determine how the color looks.

  • Choose Shades That Work Well Together – When matching your roof color with your exterior paint colors, consider using similar tones for both. Similar color tones create continuity between the two areas.

What To Do If You Can’t Decide On A Shingle Color?

Not everyone is an expert in design. Because the roof is such a significant investment, choosing a roof color may feel stressful. Our team is always happy to discuss the pros and cons of different roofing materials and colors.

However, if you can’t decide on a replacement roof color, it’s okay to stick with your current roof color. If you don’t like your current color but aren’t sure how to change the color, stick with the basics.

Bold color choices like dark greens and reds can look great but coordinate with fewer exterior paint colors. Consider a more traditional roof color like gray or brown shingles. These primary colors work well with an extensive range of exterior paint colors. Also, they come in options for lighter or darker roof colors.

SKYYGUARD Is Here for You

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