Before winter hits Colorado, get your roof in shape for snow and ice. Colorado experiences extreme weather throughout the year. While most homeowners know the risk of hail damage, winter weather also poses a threat to the roof.

A well-maintained roof protects homes from costly damage. At SKYYGUARD, we help homeowners keep roofs in top shape with professional roof inspections and roof repairs. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

A home’s roof serves many purposes. At a basic level, it keeps the inside of the house dry and insulated. But, it also adds design appeal, energy efficiency, and protection for other home elements. Preparing the roof for winter preserves all the roof’s functions.

If you live in Colorado, it’s vital to consider the condition of the roof before winter. Clogged gutters, loose shingles, and even overly shaded areas of the roof could lead to problems.

What Does it Mean to Winterize a Roof?

Winterizing the roof means preparing the roof for winter weather and cold temperatures. It can be as simple as cleaning gutters or replacing missing shingles. However, if there are any signs that the roof is damaged, you should contact a roofer immediately.

At SKYYGUARD, our expert team knows what to look for during a roof inspection to catch problems and report issues to the homeowner.

Roof Winterizing Checklist

Establish a proven checklist to complete each fall in preparation for winter. Personalize your checklist based on your specific property. For example, if you have solar panels, you may schedule solar panel cleaning or inspection each fall.

  • Clean Gutters

    Gutters are one of the first places water will accumulate on the roof. Clean them regularly to prevent leaks and ice dams. Gutter guards can protect against clogs during heavy rains.

  • Check Shingles

    Shingles are the primary protection against wind and rain. If they become cracked or torn, replace them. You can also inspect the pitch of your shingle to determine how much snow and ice might affect your roof.

  • Trim Trees

    Trees growing near the house can cause issues by shading the roof and creating ice dams. Remove trees and trim branches away from the roof.

  • Mitigate for Ice Dams

    Ice dams form when the snow melts and refreezes in the gutter. They can cause severe damage to the roof. Prevent ice dams by clearing gutters and making sure gutters drain properly.

  • Schedule a Roof Inspection

    When you call us at SKYYGUARDRoofing, our team will perform a thorough inspection of your roof. We will identify any potential issues and offer an estimate for repairs.

  • Make Roof Repairs

    Repairing a roof during the winter is more difficult than repairing it before winter. Make repairs now, so you don’t need to worry about them later.

Choose SKYYGUARD in Denver As Your Roofing Partner

Denver homeowners need a trusted roofing partner. SKYYGUARD serves the Denver Metro area with quality and reliable roofing services. We have a reputation for success backed by five-star reviews. We offer residential roofing services, including inspections, repairs, and replacement.

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