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Commercial Roof Repair

SKYYGUARD offers Class “A” expertise backed by five-star rated commercial roofing service!

As a business owner or busy property manager, a roofing emergency disrupts your day and requires immediate attention. However, you don’t want to deal with a roofing sales rep every time a Colorado hail storm hits.

You need a reliable partner on your side. At SKYYGUARD, we have the knowledge and experience to repair your roof without the hassle. We know you have a lot of things on your plate. Dealing with hail damage or a roof leak is only one problem in your busy day. We’re here to help!

Keep your commercial building in top shape with a trusted roof repair service. Contact us to schedule a roof inspection and estimate.

Expert Roof Repair for Commercial Properties

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Apartments and Multifamily Housing
  • Office Buildings

  • Retail Stores

  • Schools and Universities

  • Event Centers

  • Warehouses

  • Hospitals and Medical Offices

  • And More

Commercial Roof Repair Service

We are a full-service roofing company that provides roof repair, roof replacement, roof inspections, and roof maintenance trusted by Denver area businesses. We specialize in flat roof repair; however, we can manage repairs for all types of commercial roofs.

  • Repairing holes or rips

  • Patch roof leaks

  • Impact damage repairs

  • Fascia replacement

  • Repair animal damage

  • Flashing repairs or replacement

  • Roof deck maintenance and repairs

  • And More

Hail Damage Repairs for Commercial Roofs

Hail damaged roofs require proper repairs. Otherwise, serious problems may occur down the road. Hail storms often cause severe damage to roofs from the impact and wind. This type of damage usually requires extensive repairs or even roof replacement.

Our team of commercial roofing contractors will inspect the entire roof structure before we begin any repairs. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our clients receive top-quality results. Our goal is always customer satisfaction backed by lasting solutions.

We understand insurance companies and will work with your insurance provider to determine what your insurance will cover for roof repairs. Sometimes insurance companies will only cover roof repairs and not a complete replacement. We offer our recommendations based on our inspection. However, we can provide repair options to match your insurance requirements.

Types of Commercial Roof Systems We Repair

We have extensive experience working on all types of Denver roofs.

How Do I Know If My Business Roof Needs Repairs?

Typically, roofs offer early warning signs for repairs. Small holes, sagging, missing shingles, and loose roofing materials all point to a problem. If left untreated, you can face significant damage to your facility. A leaking roof can cause water damage to your building and the items inside. It’s better to deal with roof repairs early to avoid more extensive damage.

If you notice any of these signs, then your roof likely needs major repairs.

  • Water stains on walls or ceilings

  • Wet floors
  • Mold growth

  • Cracks in drywall

  • Moisture buildup inside air ducts

  • Dry rot

  • Fungus growing on rafters

  • Rotting beams

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The SKYYGUARD Difference in Commercial Roofing Solutions

  • While we focus on the specific part of the roof requiring repairs, we also assess the entire affected area for a complete resolution.

  • We use quality roofing materials from trusted manufacturers. We offer long-lasting solutions to help you avoid repeat repairs.
  • We do the paperwork thoroughly and clearly to help your insurer and business manager easily understand and process the paperwork.

  • We make communication easy. We return your phone calls and answer all your questions. Plus, we provide you with proprietary online tools that enable you to sign in and see what’s happening with your repair work at every phase of the project.

  • We coordinate with any other projects as needed. We’re Class A General Contractors. No roofing company knows more than SKYYGUARD about how to make sure your roofing project fits in with HVAC repairs, siding replacement, window installation, and more.

Commercial Roofing FAQ’s

Can My Maintenance Team Fix My Commercial Roof?

Maybe. There are times when a small fix is enough to get rid of some minor leaks. For example, if you find a leak near a skylight with only minimal damage, caulking the area may do the trick. Especially for small, isolated leaks, your maintenance team may have the solution.

However, your maintenance team likely doesn’t have the knowledge or equipment to handle the job for more extensive issues. Plus, roof work can be dangerous if your team doesn’t have the proper safety gear and training.

If you suspect that your roof might require more extensive repairs than simple fixes, we recommend our professional roofing service. We’re able to repair your roof accurately and safely.

How Do I Know If My Commercial Roof Needs Repairs or a Roof Replacement?

The decision to repair or replace a damaged roof comes down to the roof’s age and the type of damage. Another critical factor to consider is the cost of replacement versus the repairs and what your insurance policy covers.

SKYYGUARD offers full-service roof repairs and replacement. We have experience working with all kinds of roofing materials and roof styles. After each roof inspection, we provide an honest assessment of your roof’s condition along with our expert recommendations.

We prioritize long-term client relationships. Unlike some roofing companies, we won’t recommend a roof replacement if repairs offer a viable solution. As a locally-owned business, we know you have a budget for property maintenance. We respect that and want to provide lasting solutions that help your business and property.

Can A Residential Roofer Do Commercial Roofs, Too?

Absolutely! Our team can handle all types of commercial roof repairs. While we work on residential roofs, we have extensive experience repairing all kinds of Colorado roofs with positive reviews to back it up.

We’re also happy to provide an estimate for a new roof installation or replacement. If you’d like us to come out and inspect your current roof before we make recommendations, just give us a call.

Will the Work on Our Roof Be Disruptive to Our Business Operations?

We understand that many businesses operate under tight deadlines, and we strive to complete all projects as quickly as possible without disrupting business operations. Our goal is always to minimize disruption by working around your schedule so that you don’t miss out on revenue while we’re at your property.

We’re proud of the track record you’ll find when you check out SKYYGUARD online. And we’ll be honored by the opportunity to earn our next great review from your firm.

Choose SKYYGUARD As Your Commercial Roofer

Denver businesses chose SKYYGUARD. Our team of experienced roofers provides excellent service and results. SKYYGUARD has the experience and work ethic you’re looking for in a commercial roofing partner.

If your commercial property needs roof repairs, contact us today to schedule a comprehensive roof inspection.



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