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Slate Tile Roofing Denver

In Denver and Colorado, the classy look and top-notch protection offered by slate/tile roofing is extremely popular (and increasing in popularity all the time).

Slate/Tile Roofing offers many advantages to the Colorado homeowner:

  • It’s beautiful.  For some homes and businesses, nothing compares to the aesthetic appeal of a slate/tile roof.

  • It’s long-lasting.  Did you know your slate/tile roof could last a century or more?  That’s easily more than twice the longevity of other roof types.

  • It’s tough.  Slate/tile roofing is made of natural stone, so it’s more durable than just about any man-made material you could choose.  It resists the weather like nothing else, and it won’t mold.

  • It’s low-maintenance.  Some roofing types (cedar shingles, for instance) require quite a bit of upkeep to maintain their effectiveness and appeal.  Not slate/tile.  It’s the closest to “set it and forget it” you can find in roofing.

  • It’s a great investment.  Homes with slate/tile roofing almost always enjoy a higher resale value (and curb appeal).

  • And it’s green.  Not only are slate/tile roofs made from natural materials, their durability makes them a great environmental choice… the construction waste created by replacing less-hardy roofs every 10-20 years is not a problem with a beautiful slate/tile roof.

Slate/tile roofing does have drawbacks.  It’s heavy, so it’s more difficult (and expensive) to install… and you’ll have to take advantage of a thorough structural inspection to make sure your roof can handle the load.

But considering both pros and cons, an attractive new slate/tile roof might be just right for your property.  Give the roofing professionals at SKYYGUARD a call – and following our no-obligation expert roof inspection and analysis, you’ll know for sure whether a slate/tile roof is right for your property (and your budget).

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SKYYGUARD: The Name Your Neighbors Trust For Slate/Tile Roofing

Why do SKYYGUARD’s clients consistently take the time to write enthusiastic, five-star online reviews of our company and our work?

Take a look at Yelp, Google, facebook, and other online review sites, and you’ll see a few common themes in the praise SKYYGUARD is proud to have earned from customers:

  • “Professional.”  The top complaint about the 600+ roofing companies in Denver and the surrounding area is that they don’t treat clients professionally… and that starts with a lack of basic communication.

      • SKYYGUARD’s customers don’t have that complaint.  We stay in touch with you every step of the way… we answer the phone and provide timely responses to your questions and inquiries… and, with our specially-designed online tools, you can sign on to your SKYYGUARD project any hour of the day or night and know precisely what’s going on with your roofing project.
  • “Expert.”  SKYYGUARD provides expertise other roofing companies don’t (or can’t):

      • We’re Class A General Contractors, which means we’re qualified to undertake any construction project, from A to Z – from a simple residential remodeling job to the ground-up construction of a shopping center.  So while we’re currently specializing in roofing projects in the Denver area, we can offer expertise far beyond roofing – and help make sure your roof project meshes well with other work on your property, from siding and windows to gutters and downspouts.
      • We’re also former licensed insurance professionals, with the expertise to help you get the most out of the property insurance you’ve paid for.
  • “Dedicated.”  SKYYGUARD doesn’t chase storms… we’re here to stay.

      • We developed a strong work ethic and value system during our military service – we won’t leave our customers in the middle of a job to chase the next big sale.  We’re dedicated to helping our customers – truly helping them – until the job is done.

We’ll be honored by the opportunity to earn our next great review from you.

So give SKYYGUARD a call today, and schedule your no-obligation expert roof inspection and analysis.  You have our word: we’ve got you “covered.”



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