As a property manager or commercial property owner, the cost matters for maintenance projects. A quality and well-functioning roof can protect your building and equipment from damage. Plus, the condition and type of roof impact energy efficiency for your building.

It’s important to accurately identify and resolve roofing issues. Partner with a professional roofing company you trust to offer a fair price and quality results. Businesses in Denver trust SKYYGUARD for commercial roofing services.

Understanding Roofing Repair Costs

When it comes time for a roof replacement or repair project, there are many factors that can affect the costs.

  • Type of roofing material

  • Size of the repair area
  • Age of the roof
  • Experience level of the roofing company
  • Accessibility to the roof

  • Level and type of damage

Knowing how these different variables impact the cost can help you make better decisions about how and when to repair your roof.

Accessibility and Size of Your Commercial Roof

The size of your building is a big factor in determining how much it will cost to fix or replace your roof. The larger the area of your roof needing repair, the more expensive it’s going to be. When multiple areas require repairs, the total cost increases.

In addition to the square footage of your roof, accessibility also plays an important role in pricing. Is access easy from the ground level? How steep is the slope of the roof? These factors impact the time it takes to complete the repairs and the level of difficulty.

Should I Replace or Repair My Commercial Roof?

The first thing you need to know when considering your options for commercial roofing replacement is the type of roof material used. A typical commercial roof can be made of any number of materials including metal, TPO, tile, slate, concrete, asphalt shingle, and more.

Each material has its own unique characteristics which will affect how much money you spend during the project as well as how long it takes to complete. Before you decide to replace the roof, consider the level of the repair.

For smaller issues, repairs save you money and extend the life of the roof. For example, patching holes, cleaning gutters, and repairing flashings are typically affordable and offer preventative benefits.

Some roofing repairs are more expensive. A deteriorated membrane carries a high cost to repair depending on the extent of the damage. You must weigh each issue carefully to determine the best solution for your budget.

It’s also worth it to consider the indirect costs of roof damage. Are roofing issues damaging the inside of the building or inventory? Are your customers impacted by the roof damage? Do you disrupt workflow or business hours due to frequent roof repairs? If so, a roof replacement could pay off in the long run.

Find Out How Much Your Project Will Cost

At SKYYGUARD, our experienced roof inspectors have the knowledge and skill to evaluate your roof and offer you options to resolve the problems. We prioritize long-term client relationships, which means, we recommend the best option for your roof and budget.

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