The busy holiday season is here, but that also means the onset of harsh Colorado winter weather. While much of Colorado’s roof damage occurs during the spring and summer hail season, winter also presents roofing problems.

During the winter, strong winds, heavy snowfall, and persistent ice may all lead to roof damage. If your roof needs attention, schedule a roof inspection or repairs with Denver’s trusted roofing company, SKYYGUARD.

Common Colorado Winter Roofing Problems

1 – Strong Winds

Much of Colorado experiences strong winds. During the winter months, these winds often occur alongside heavy snowfall. Regardless of the time of year, strong winds pose a threat to roofs. This is true for both residential and commercial roofs.

Strong winds may loosen or remove shingles or gutters. Missing or loose shingles can lead to water damage. This is especially true if snow sits on top of the compromised shingles.

2 – Flashing Leaks

Flashing is the metal strip of the material located on the edges and corners of roofs. The flashing works to direct water away from the roof or critical elements near the roof, like chimneys or windows.

Heavy snowfall or high winds can cause the flashing to pull away from the roof leaving a gap. Instead of directing the water over the crucial area, the water seeps through the gap creating a leak.

3 – Tree Damage

For properties with mature trees near the parameter of the building, broken branches produce the risk of roof damage. Depending on the size of the tree, the damage may range from minimal to major.

Strong winds and heavy snowfall can lead to roof damage when tree limbs land on or against the roof. When tree damage to the roof occurs, seek help immediately. If left unresolved, the problem may worsen. This is especially true for major roof damage, like a hole in the roof.

4 – Ice Dams

An ice dam occurs on sloped roofs. This issue is when snow in a higher area on the roof melts but becomes trapped by snow built upon a lower part of the roof. The water from the melted snow refreezes creating an ice dam.

Melted water pools behind the ice dam risking roof damage. When the water sits on compromised parts of the roof or pools for long periods of time, leaks may occur. Slow leaks are often not obvious until they’ve caused major damage.

5 – Unwanted Animal Nesting

During the cold winter temperatures, animals look for a warm place to nest. They often find a new home in the warmth of attics. Squirrels, mice, raccoons, or even birds may seek refuge in your roof.

When an animal creates a nest in the roof, this leads to damage. There is also the risk of health hazards from animal waste or mold. If you hear animals in the roof or see damage to the soffits or vents at the roofline, you may have animal nesting.

Resolve Winter Roof Problems with SKKYGUARD

It isn’t always easy to identify roof damage. We recommend annual roof inspections to ensure the integrity of your roof. When caught early, roof issues are usually easier and less expensive to repair.

If you have winter roof damage, contact SKYYGUARD to get a quote or schedule repairs. Our highly-trained technicians offer quality service you can trust.