Address Roof Damage Right Away To Avoid Worse Problems

Denver-area homeowners and business managers know all about “hail season” in the Mile High City and surrounding neighborhoods.

We get far more than our “fair share” of hail storms… and hail damage.

The government confirms this. Government agencies that track and measure the frequency and severity of hail storms have pointed out that the Colorado Front Range is right in the middle of one of the world’s worst “hail corridors.” And it’s by far the worst hail corridor in the United States.

As a matter of fact, if you own a residential or commercial property in the Denver metro area (or elsewhere on the Front Range), you can expect an average of eight hail storms every year.

Not all of these storms are of the severity to cause significant damage to your property, and they don’t all hit your neighborhood directly.

But some are, and some do.

Landscaping… siding… gutters and downspouts… windows and doors… all can sustain catastrophic damage from the worst of our mile-high hail storms.

But perhaps the most hail-vulnerable part of your property – and the part that, if damaged, can lead to much worse nightmares – is your roof.

That’s why your smart neighbors are very careful to pounce on getting a potentially hail-damaged roof looked at, right away, and fixed as soon as possible.

Get On Top Of Roofing Hail Damage ASAP

Why is it so important to call your trusted roofing company right away after a hail storm?

  • Roof damage means other damage later.  And sometimes, not much later!  Once the seal of your roof is breached by hail stones, precipitation is likely to damage the roofing substrate, which will lead to leaks… and leaks lead to further expensive damage to your property.

  • Roofing companies get swamped by hail season.  There are more than 600 roofing companies in the Denver area (really), and they can roughly be divided into two categories:

    • The companies you call… because you can trust them to give you an honest appraisal and discussion of your options with regard to repair or replacement, insurance, etc.  Few of the 600 companies are in this category, and they are busy after a hail storm.  You want to get on their schedule as soon as you can.
    • The companies who call on you… because they want to sell the maximum amount of roofing materials and labor after a “gold mine” hail storm.  There are many (too many!) companies in this category, and you want to watch out: they may not be able to get the materials and labor on the schedule they indicated during the sales process.
  • Insurance coverage is not always a “given.”  Try to find a roofer with deep expertise in insurance… not a roofing salesperson who tries to alleviate your “sticker shock” by assuring you your property insurance will cover the cost of a full roof replacement.  You could be left holding the bag for a mighty large roofing bill!

  • You might not need a full replacement, and a trusted, ethical roofer will tell you so.  Colorado’s winds often blow the hail sideways… meaning you might only have sustained serious damage to one side of your roof, and it might be that a professional repair will do the job.  But if you don’t get a reputable roofing company to inspect the property right away, you might miss your chance to get an honest assessment.

When a fierce Denver hail storm strikes, time is of the essence.

Call a reputable, insurance-savvy roofing company right away… don’t even wait for the storm to pass!  You’ll be glad you did.