Colorado’s Hail Season: Here Before You Know It

Address Roof Damage Right Away To Avoid Worse Problems Denver-area homeowners and business managers know all about “hail season” in the Mile High City and surrounding neighborhoods. We get far more than our “fair share” of hail storms… and hail damage. The government confirms this.  Government agencies that track and measure the frequency and severity of hail storms

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Choosing The Right Roofing Company

… And Why It Makes A BIG Difference There are more than 600 roofing companies in the Denver metro area… but they’re not all alike. If you can find a service-oriented, values-driven company among the hundreds of roofers along the Colorado Front Range, keep their number! Why?  Because roofs don’t last forever – especially in one of the

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Picking the Right Contractor Isn’t Easy…

It’s vital to know that you can rely on a roofing contractor to give you good advice about the products and procedures that will be used on your reroofing project. A top-notch, professional contractor will be committed to providing you with the best roofing system possible. Here are six factors to consider when judging the experience, reputation, and reliability

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How to Best Help Your Roofer After a Storm

Denver’s location in the foothills leaves it vulnerable during severe storms, so experienced local roofers make sure that they are well prepared with dedicated construction crews standing by so that they can respond promptly when homeowners need help. To help your roofer provide the crucial assistance you’re needing with a storm-damaged roof, you should take the following steps now

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How Improper Ventilation Impacts Your Home

You may already know that good air ventilation inside your living spaces impacts comfort, health, and home. Did you know that your unfinished attic needs regular airflow and ventilation for the same reasons? It’s easy to forget about your attic, as far as maintenance and home improvements are concerned, and SKYYGUARD is here with a list of reasons why.

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Signs That Say Your Roof May Need Some Attention

Your home is the structure that protects you and your belongings from the elements. An important part of its ability to provide this protection depends on how well your roof is maintained. Unfortunately, even the best maintenance won’t extend your roof’s life forever. Eventually, it’ll be time for a replacement. Here are some key indicators that replacement might be

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