TPO is a popular and affordable roofing material used primarily for commercial properties. TPO roofing is also an option for residential properties. Typically, the TPO material works best for flat roofs.

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, although the material is rubber and not plastic. A single-ply membrane attaches to a cover board either mechanically or with an adhesive. Most TPO roofs are white which reflects sunlight and increases energy efficiency.

TPO Roofing Installation

TPO roofs are typically lighter in weight and easier to install than other roofing materials. Proper installation is key to quality roofing. A poorly installed TPO roof will not hold up for the intended lifespan. Work with a trusted and experienced roofing company for the best results.

The process begins with the preparation of the existing surface. The roofer will remove and clean down to the substrate, or surface used for the application of the TPO membrane. Then, the team installs the selected insulation type, like polyisocyanurate, expanded polystyrene, or extruded polystyrene.

Finally, the roofers install the TPO membrane by rolling out the material onto the roof. The seams between the rolls are connected to eliminate separation. The roofer inspects the finished product to ensure accurate installation.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing continues to grow in popularity. As a top Colorado roofing company, we’ve installed many TPO roofs. We understand both the pros and cons of TPO roofing.

  • Affordable – It is one of the lowest-cost roofing materials.

  • Energy Efficient – It reflects light requiring less energy usage for internal temperature

  • Strong – It resists punctures and tears.

  • Recyclable – When it’s time to replace the roof, the material is recyclable.

TPO roofs make a smart, affordable and dependable option for many types of properties.

Disadvantages of TPO Roofing

TPO roofs aren’t all good news. It’s especially important to work with a company experienced in TPO roof installation.

  • Potential Heat Damage – Excess heat exposure can lead to deterioration at the seams.

  • Installation Matters – The lifespan and durability are inconsistent based on the

  • Manufacturer Inconsistency – Like with installation, the quality varies among the
    material manufacturers.

As with anything, quality matters. At SKYYGUARD, we have the experience to do the job right. We procure materials from trusted manufacturers. Plus, our team has the knowledge and hands-on experience installing and repairing TPO roofs.

Who Should Choose a TPO Roof?

If you own a property with a flat or slightly sloped roof, TPO is for you. When properly installed, a TPO roof can last for around 30 years, making it a solid investment for businesses and homes.

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Schools

  • Multifamily Housing

  • Medical Facilities

  • Office Buildings

  • Event Venues

  • Government Buildings

  • Retail

  • And More

TPO roofing works for any flat-roofed property that desires a cost-effective and energy-efficient roof.

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