… And Why It Makes A BIG Difference

There are more than 600 roofing companies in the Denver metro area… but they’re not all alike.

If you can find a service-oriented, values-driven company among the hundreds of roofers along the Colorado Front Range, keep their number!

Why? Because roofs don’t last forever – especially in one of the worst “hail corridors” in the world – and, sooner or later, you’re going to need a professional, expert, honest roof repair or replacement.

This goes for business properties, as well as for homes.

So how do you choose the right roofing company? The answer may be in finding a company that understands what the common complaints are against Denver-area roofers… and has established itself as a company that emphasizes solutions to those problems.

What Customers Hate About Some Roofers

All it takes is a casual glance through the feedback roofing companies receive online – on Yelp, Facebook, Google, Next Door, and elsewhere – and you’ll be familiar with some of the most common customer complaints:

  • “They told me I needed a total roof replacement… but I didn’t!”  It could be that only a portion of your roof was damaged by the last hail storm.  But it’s in the roofing salesperson’s interest to declare your roof “totaled,” rather than taking the time to fully explore the option of a partial replacement or professional repair.

    • Solution: find a values-driven roofer who’s in business to help you, not up-sell you.
  • “They assured me my insurance would pay for the whole roof… but it didn’t!”  This is far more common than most people realize.  Roofing salespeople often claim that insurance will cover a “totaled” roof after a hail storm, without so much as a glance at the customer’s property policy.

    • Solution: If you can, find a roofer with deep expertise in insurance.  They exist.
  • “They sold me a giant project, then I didn’t hear from them for weeks.”  Also far-too-common a problem in the Denver area.  Perhaps the Number One complaint from roofing customers is that their roofers don’t behave professionally, or communicate in a business-like manner.

    • Solution: Find a roofing company that stays in touch, answers their phone, answers your questions, and gives you online access to their project management systems so you can always see for yourself what’s going on with your roofing project.
  • “They dumped materials on my driveway, started the work, then disappeared!”  Some roofing companies are really just sales companies… they simply try to sign up as many projects as possible in your neighborhood, but then they abandon the project to chase the next big hail storm.

    • Solution: Again, it’s all about ethics.  Find a roofing company that puts its customers first, and doesn’t chase storms.
  • “They did a poor installation job, and damaged other parts of my property.”  Often, the roofers are motivated only by money… they will slap-dash the installation so they can move to the next job and get paid faster.  If your gutters or siding are damaged in the process of their hasty work, they don’t mention it… and they don’t fix the problem.

    • Solution: Get a roofer who knows roofing… but also understands all the phases of construction, top to bottom, and how to make sure their work coordinates with other work you may need to recover the property.  If possible, engage a Class “A” General Contractor who specializes in roofing.

These are just some of the major complaints Denver-area customers frequently lodge against roofing companies.  But these are bad enough!

Ask yourself: Is your roofer bottom-line focused, or customer focused?  If you read great reviews online for a roofer, save their number for your next roofing project.  Chances are, they do business in a way that tells you they value you as a customer, and that they’re out to earn another great review… from you.