The new year is the time to make resolutions. However, most of the time those resolutions don’t include your roof! As a business owner or commercial property manager, ignoring the roof can lead to a bigger headache down the road. Instead, take a minute at the start of the year to think about how to keep your commercial roof in top shape all year long.

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Ways to Keep Your Commercial Roof in Top Shape

1 – Schedule a Roof Inspection

Commercial roofs often hold heavier equipment than residential roofs. Also, most commercial roofs have a flat surface compared to the sloped roofs of most homes. This means the roof drainage is vital to the health of the roof. A professional inspection offers the best way to evaluate the current condition of the roof and identify any areas in need of repairs.

With roofs, quick repairs can result in thousands of dollars in saved costs from unnecessary damage. If you wait until a leak is visible from inside the building’s ceiling, many layers of damage have occurred. 

2 – Take Care of Any Needed Repairs

After your inspection, schedule the recommended repairs. Replacing loose or worn tiles is much more affordable than remedying mold damage from an unrepaired leak. Repairing leaks keeps your property in good shape and makes your property safer for your customers and employees.

If you do notice water spots on the ceiling tiles, do not simply replace the tiles. Contact your roofer to investigate the issue and make the proper repairs. Roof leaks do not go away by themselves and only get worse with time. Fix it right from the start!

3 – Limit Access to the Roof

It may be appealing to allow people to go onto the roof as they please. But, the best practice is to limit access to the roof. Only service technicians, maintenance employees, and other trained and required professionals should have access to the roof. Not only is it dangerous, but it also increases the risk of damage. Traffic on the roof may cause wear and tear.

Also, commercial roofs often hold important equipment, like the HVAC system. You don’t want to risk this valuable equipment to damage or theft. Instead, keep the doors to the roof secure, and post signs to inform visitors and employees of the restricted roof access.

4 – Create a Protocol for Emergency Damage

Do you have a written action plan for emergency roof damage? If your maintenance employee isn’t available, do other employees know what to do? If not, start the year by getting organized. List the right people to call if damage occurs. This may include the building manager or owner. Also, list the preferred roofing company and their emergency contact information.

5 – Regularly Clean the Roof

Damage doesn’t just happen from accidents or weather. Debris on the roof or in the gutters leads to damage. The roof materials may wear out more quickly if left to sit under a pile of wet leaves for the entire winter. Instead, clean the roof and gutters regularly.

For commercial roofs, remove clutter from the roof. If roof equipment receives repairs, inspect the roof after to ensure the removal of all tools and trash. If not, take the time to clean up the mess. The bottom line is to keep the roof clean so that it stays in top shape.

6 – Partner with a Trusted Roofing Company

If you don’t already have a relationship with a trusted and respected roofing company, find one now. At SKYYGUARD Roofing, we work with many commercial properties to provide inspections, repairs, and roof replacements.

Contact SKYYGUARD to schedule a consultation to keep your roof in top shape for the new year!