Deciding whether your roof needs repairs or replacement is a hard decision. Most homeowners don’t have the training to understand how to restore the function of the roof and provide quality protection for your home. Therefore, we recommend a professional roof inspection to evaluate your roof, determine the current condition and highlight the needed action.

Roof Repairs or Replacement with an Insurance Claim

If your roof has experienced hail or other damage that results in an insurance claim, your insurance company will evaluate your roof’s damage. Once they determine the level of damage, they will then inform you if the coverage will allow for roof replacement or repairs.

At SKYYGUARD Roofing, we are insurance experts and know how to work with your insurance company on the claim process. We know how to read insurance claims so that our work matches the requirements of the insurance company.

Roof Repairs or Replacement?

When we inspect a roof to determine the best service, we consider a few different points. Our goal is to provide quality service and build trust. We recommend the best solution to give you lasting results.

The Age of the Roof

Different types of roofs last for different lengths of time. On average, roofs last around 25 to 30 years. This number changes based on exposure to damage, like with hail and wind. For older roofs, we typically recommend roof replacement for the best results. We don’t want to do continual repairs that won’t fix the real issue and may cost you more in the long run.

Type of Damage

The specific type of damage greatly impacts whether repairs will work to fix the roof. For example, if you have an ice dam that caused limited damage to one specific part of the roof, repairs will likely work to restore the integrity of the roof. However, hail damage where the roof is compromised in most areas usually requires a full roof installation.

Roof Leaks

Like with roof damage, leaks depend on the location and extent to determine whether repairs will work. Multiple roof leaks on a newer roof may indicate poor installation. This is very unfortunate, but replacing the roof may be the only solution to protect your home. Remember, leaks can cause costly water damage inside your home and expose your family to health issues from mold. But, one leak due to a specific issue, like a branch damaging the roof, may resolve easily with a repair.

Work with Denver’s Trusted Roofing Company

Fall is the perfect time to address roof damage. Colorado’s harsh winters require a strong roof to keep your home protected. Denver area homeowners trust SKYYGUARD with roof repair and installation. We work with each homeowner to evaluate your specific damage and recommend the best path forward.

Roofing isn’t a DIY job! You need professionals with the right tools and knowledge to do the job right. Our highly trained roofing professionals are invested in quality work and relationships. We provide clear communication and accurate estimates. Plus, we use quality materials and tools to ensure longevity for your roof.

Contact SKYYGUARD today to schedule a roof inspection or for a quote for your Denver area roof!