Keep your commercial roof in top shape by understanding the most common roofing problems for commercial buildings. Unlike the sloped roofs of residential construction, commercial buildings most often have flat roofs. Proper drainage and roof installation are key for healthy and long-lasting commercial roofs. 

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Top Five Commercial Roofing Problems

1 – Improper Installation

Your roof is only as good as the installation. An improperly installed roof, either when originally constructed or at replacement, will not last and will experience leaks and other issues. Before you purchase a new property, invest in a roof inspection by a quality roofing company, like SKKYGUARD. When you have the roof inspected before purchase, you can make roof repairs part of the seller’s contractual responsibility instead of waiting until a problem occurs to discover the bad roof. 

2 – Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most common repair requests we receive from commercial clients. Without proper drainage, Colorado snow sits on the rooftop. When the snow melts, the water pools and damages the roof instead of draining off. If you notice a roof leak, immediately invest in repairs. The damage will only get worse the longer the leak lasts. Inspect your roof seasonally to locate and repair leaks before damage occurs. 

3 – Hail Damage

Colorado experiences spring and summer hail storms which lead to roof damage. After a hail storm, don’t wait. Contact your insurance company about possible damage. Hail damage doesn’t always result in immediate obvious destruction, like roof leaks. Over time, the integrity of the roof compromises and the damage leads to problems, like roof tiles bulging from water damage. A professional roof inspector will identify hail damage that the average person may not notice. Plus, most insurance plans cover hail damage. 

4 – Reduced Wind Resistance

Like snow and hail, Colorado experiences high winds in the Denver area, mountains and plains. For commercial roofs, it is important for the roof to have wind resistant tiles with proper installation. The combination of quality products and installation provide a solid barrier to protect your property during high winds. However, regular roof inspections are necessary to identify wind damage and make repairs. Wind may cause loose and missing tiles that leave your roof unprotected from other weather like rain, hail and snow. 

5 – Lack of Maintenance

One of the biggest roof oversites commercial property owners make is a lack of roof maintenance. You can avoid many of the most common problems through early identification and repairs. Invest in seasonal or annual roof inspections to ensure your commercial roof stays in top shape. Roof maintenance includes checking for damage from weather, rodents, standing water and more. Once the issues are located, remedy the problem through professional roof repair or replacement.

Work with a Trusted Roofing Company

Partner with an experienced and trusted professional roofing company, like SKYYGUARD, to keep your commercial roof solid. At SKYYGUARD, we offer roof inspection, repair and replacement. Contact us today for a quote or to schedule an inspection.