What is a Complete Roof Replacement?

Do you need a new roof but aren’t sure exactly what that means? If so, the roofing experts at are here to help. The terms complete roof replacement or full roof replacement refer to the installation of a new roof. If you need to replace your entire roof, you need a complete roof replacement. At ,

Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks for Colorado Homeowners

One of the biggest signs that a roof needs repairs or replacement are roof leaks. Once a homeowner notices a roof leak, the damage is usually substantial. It’s vital to maintain your roof and address the small issues to avoid the larger and more costly problems, like leaks. Roof leaks occur for many different reasons. One way to identify

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Colorado’s Hail Season: Here Before You Know It

Address Roof Damage Right Away To Avoid Worse Problems Denver-area homeowners and business managers know all about “hail season” in the Mile High City and surrounding neighborhoods. We get far more than our “fair share” of hail storms… and hail damage. The government confirms this. Government agencies that track and measure the frequency and severity of hail storms

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How to Best Help Your Roofer After a Storm

Denver’s location in the foothills leaves it vulnerable during severe storms, so experienced local roofers make sure that they are well prepared with dedicated construction crews standing by so that they can respond promptly when homeowners need help. To help your roofer provide the crucial assistance you’re needing with a storm-damaged roof, you should take the following steps now

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