Ways to Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

Almost 50% of total home energy usage comes from heating and cooling your home. Over time that adds up to a lot of money in utility costs. The roof is one source of unwanted heat transfer in homes. Thankfully, homeowners have several options to increase the roof’s energy efficiency. The Problem with Inefficient Roofs When a roof lacks energy

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Choosing The Right Roofing Company

… And Why It Makes A BIG Difference There are more than 600 roofing companies in the Denver metro area… but they’re not all alike. If you can find a service-oriented, values-driven company among the hundreds of roofers along the Colorado Front Range, keep their number! Why? Because roofs don’t last forever – especially in one of the

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Picking the Right Contractor Isn’t Easy…

It’s vital to know that you can rely on a roofing contractor to give you good advice about the products and procedures that will be used on your reroofing project. A top-notch, professional contractor will be committed to providing you with the best roofing system possible. Here are six factors to consider when judging the experience, reputation, and reliability

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